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Facebook login

Jsocial integration brings login module which is same as joomla default login module but facebook login button and FB profile pic display and more settings added to make login by facebook as shown in left bar. Also main plugin injects facebook login/logout button if you add login tag anywhere like as follows -

Open graph meta tags for social media

Facebook Open Graph tags are required to describe your page to facebook & other social media. by jsocial integration plugin you can easily add title, description, image, and other information which are shown anywhere in facebook and other social media when your page is liked, shared, or commented on. You can also override those og meta tag content by using jsocial integration og tags in any page. It also sets og image tag from joomla default article or k2 article if present.
For a demo on how it shows those tag content, click FB share button at right in this page
or share this page url anywhere in facebook or other social media to see it in action.

Facebook home page news feed (updating..)

For facebook Api v2.4 changes (if FB app created after 8th july) this features is being corrected please wait........

Feed module displays your home page news feed in your website, it will show your and your friends' statuses and posts from pages/groups you follow in facebook. It can show huge number of posts if you are following lots of pages/groups and have good number of friends.

Enter your access token in the box below to see your facebook home page news feed. Read "Facebook home page news feed" section in the documentation to generate access token, number of posts was set to 40 posts for the demo

Social (Facebook) plugins via tags 

You can add facebook social plugins like like button, comments, share button, follow button, send button, embed any FB post by putting Jsocial integration social tags with different parameters as described in documentation anywhere in page, templates, articles.... these social plugin demos are as follows by placing tags -  

like button -
comments -
follow button -
share button -
send button -
Embedding any facebook post -