Video Gallery Documentation

Sometimes if the mp4 video format is not proper or video converted using third party softwares, problems
can occur while playing the video.Make sure you create/convert mp4/webm videos with right software.following
are some free/paid softwares can encode mp4/webm video with right video code H.264 - , , .....

After installation, create some categories from video-categories page before adding a new menu item for displaying gallery.
Also make sure you save video gallery settings first from "options" link at the top right in the component page.

A.Play Videos from Server

1.Enable Video Format for the joomla site

Before adding video to the module there’s one thing you need to take care of - We need to check that
mp4,webm,flv extensions are allowed to run for the joomla site from settings.

login as administrator.In the navigation menu go to "content->media manager->options" and locate "Legal Extensions (File Types)"
field. Add flv,mp4,webm,MP4,FLV,WEBM extensions by comma's to the list in the textbox and click 'Save' button.

Also Ensure your web server can serve the relevant file media types if some browsers get media errors,
add the following mime types to your server

AddType video/mp4 mp4 m4v
AddType video/ogg ogv
AddType video/webm webm

Make sure in all the ways that your server and website capable of running mp4,flv,webm videos before running
videos by this component so that it's not the problem of the component if video not playing.

2.upload videos in server to play videos from server
to play a video located on the server, we need to upload it in server first.

when file size is less than 10MB, follow these steps - >
Go to "content->media manager->" page.
here a list of folders on the left displaying root and sub folders(located in images folder in joomla site).
upload videos here in media manager in the root folder not in any sub folder. In this way add
videos and thumbnail images too in the file system of your joomla site.

when file size is greater than 10MB, follow these steps - >
Go the desired images folder in your site from any FTP Client and upload your video files there
After uploading the file go back to media manager from administrator side to make sure files are uploaded.

3.Add video to play by the video gallery
finally go to the video gallery component's video-categories page from admin side.
there create categories by clicking 'New' button. Then go to video-manager page and click 'new'
button to add video. Then there in new video page, select 'video source' as 'existing file' and
then select video from 'Select video file' dropdown.

Note: There are many free video converter in web which you can use to convert your videos to mp4,flv,webm
if needed, as these formats are cheap in size and efficient than other video formats.


B. Play video from external source or youtube

1. To play a video from an external source:
In new video page from video-manager, select 'External File' option from 'video source' dropdown.
then select 'Video file format'. If it is youtube, select youtube or others

if you select 'youtube' as file format above then to enter youtube file url
in the 'External video url' textbox follow these steps -

load the youtube video in your browser in a seperate page.under the video, click 'share'
then click 'embed' and you will get embed code. Copy that code and paste in your
'External video url' textbox above

if you selected other format from 'Video file format' dropdown then write the full video url
in the 'External video url' textbox. Make sure if you select mp4 file format then you should enter a
mp4 video file url like