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Daily task list documentation

Daily task list component features easy to understand, summarized below -

(i) First unzip the main downloaded zip, inside there are two installable zip file for joomla 2.5 and joomla 3. Install correct zip file
for your joomla version by uploading it in Extension manager->install page.

(ii) After installation, find the component settings by clicking 'options' link button located at top right in component page.

(iii) In 'categories' sub menu page, create some custom task categories by clicking new button.

(iv) In 'manage-tasks' sub menu page, click new button to create new tasks. make sure If you check it as a custom task, you should select category from category dropdown.

(v) In 'custom-task-checks' sub menu page, you can see which of your users completed which custom tasks under a category at front end.

(vi) when you create new menu item selecting menu item type as 'custom tasks in a category', you can select category so that custom tasks displayed under that category at front end so that your users can only mark custom task complete/incomplete, also set text to be displayed at top of custom task list in 'custom task list options' tab.

(vii) when you create new menu item selecting menu item type as 'task list for users', your users at front end can add/edit/delete/complete their own tasks.

(viii) it's integrated with joomla core features like acl so when you create custom task or category make sure seleting correct access level from 'access' dropdown so that those categories/custom tasks appear to certain group/groups of users.

If any problems just contact me via extensions website or email at mridulcs2012@gmail.com or add to skype id - mridulcs.