Quick start guide

Installation is easy, go to extensions->extension manager and upload the correct joomla version installation zip inside the downloaded zip file.
To run the module you will need facebook id of page/group/profile and access token, follow the doc here to know how to get these.

Following are the details of most of the important module settings -

Setting Description Example
Select current module view Select which view to show for current module -
Facebook ID Your page/group/profile id for which you are displaying feed 2345444786
Facebook ID type Select whether this Facebook ID is a facebook page or group or profile id?. If above facebook id is a group select "FB group"...(note: this setting must be selected else there are many errors) -
Access Token Access token value to acess facebook data, read doc about how to get that. sdfewrtwtwerwrwerewwwwwerewrdfdsdwerwerwsss
Show top like button select whether to show like button at the top of feed -
Top like button id id of any facebook page for the top like button 2345444786
Top like button verb like button label -
Top like button language like button language en_GB
Show page cover image Show page cover image at the top of FB posts display(FB page only, no group/profile image), related settings are shown below -
FB page id for cover image Id of the facebook page for displaying page cover image(only FB page id, group/profile ids not allowed) bbcnews
Page cover image size Page cover image size -
page cover language page cover language en_GB
Width width of the feed display in percent(%) of the total width of feed module container in the template 80
Height options select whether height of the feed display will be fixed or according to the size of posts, if fixed then enter value in the following parameter -
Height Height value in pixels if fixed height selected in the height options setting 500
Show header whether to show show header bar and text within -
Show number of posts how many posts to show 20
Show guest entries whether to show posts by ohers in page/group feed along with page/group own posts -
Show status posts whether to show status type of posts in page/group/profile feed -
Show link posts whether to show link type of posts in page/group/profile feed -
Show photo posts whether to show photo type of posts in page/group/profile feed -
Show video posts whether to show video type of posts in page/group/profile feed -
Show event posts whether to show event type of posts in page/group/profile feed -
Show outer borde show outer border around feed display -
Show posts which are page's comment Sometimes feed data contains such posts which are own comments of page/group to any page/group posts. Which does not look good to display -
Show posts containing show only posts which contains this string in post text rose
Don't show posts containing exclude posts which contains this string in post text rose
Display posts by post id display eny post by entering post id here 4354322233

Following settings are easy to understand -

* Wall feed view post layout settings contains which items of the post to be shown/hidden and setting 2 layouts along with different picture sizes per layout.

* Wall feed view text and language Settings contains settings for the texts.

* Wall feed view design settings contains settings for coloring and setting font sizes for the post items.