Mitsol tweets wordpress plugin short code attributes
Following are the all shortcode attributes for both free/pro version. "Attribute" column shows the name of attributes to be included in short code, "Setting" column shows corresponding setting name in setting page of plugin in admin dashboard. Make sure you double check attributes in short code like space and double quote(") placed properly. A example short code with some attributes and values(must be within double quote - "") seperated by spaces - [mitsol_tweets_short_code consumer_key="wirwer7873838" tweet_from="user" tweet_user="twitter" num="10" backg_color="#ffffff" post_text_size="12" .....]
If any setting attribute not included in shortcode then plugin will take that setting from plugin setting page at wp admin dashboard.
Attribute Setting Description Example
plugin_view Select tweet display view Select your tweet display view, whether in slider or normal vertical display plugin_view="T"
consumer_key consumer key twitter application consumer key consumer_key="2345324rer434"
consumer_secret consumer secret consumer secret key consumer_secret="2345sdfdf444786"
token access token access token key token="23454343ee44786"
token_secret access token secret access token secret key token_secret="2345dsfdsf333444786"
tweet_from Get tweets from select tweets to be displayed from tweet_from="user"
tweet_user Twitter user name Twitter user name to show tweets from that user tweet_user="twitter"
tweet_hashtag Hashtag(excluding #) Hashtag(excluding #) value to show tweets from that hashtag tweet_hashtag="fifaworldcup"
tweet_search Search string Search string value to show tweets containing that value tweet_search="fifaworldcup"
result_type Result type(for hashtag/search string Result type(for hashtag/search string tweets) result_type="mixed"
hide_replies Hide tweet replies whether to get reply tweets too along with tweets hide_replies="false"
header Show header Show header text at the top of feed display like "Tweets" header="true"
num Show number of posts Enter the number of posts to be displayed for the page/group/profile feed num="10"
width Width width of feed display in percent(%) like 100,80,50.. width="100"
height_option Height options How the height of feed display will be, whether fixed height or height will be according
to the size of content
height_option="fixed" or height_option="size of posts"
height Height(fixed) Enter the height of feed display in pixels, if "height options" setting above was set as "fixed". In this
case if content exceeds the height, scroll plugin will appear.
border Show outer border Show outer border around feed display border="true"
cache_time Check for new tweets directly from twitter in every It's the first input box for entering value on how long cached data will be displayed.
See the general settings page in wp dashboard for details.If you enter this, you should specify the time unit in
next attribute
cache_unit Check for new tweets directly from twitter in every It's the 2nd select box for cache setting.You should enter cache_time attribute above.
look for wp admin dashboard setting page for details.
cache_unit="minutes" or cache_unit="hours"
post_items Many settings appear in post layout setting tab in setting page Which tweet items will be shown, include items by comma.Short form of the item name
as follows - pauthavatar = show post author avatar, authname=post author name, posttxt=show post text,
photos=show media photos, date=show date,favs=show favourite count, retweets=show retweet count, reply=show reply icon link
post_pic_size Tweet photo size(tweets view only) Set picture sizes of the tweet to give different tweet post layouts post_pic_size="thumb" or post_pic_size="full"
backg_color Background color(#ffffff...) background color of feed display backg_color="#f0f0f0"
post_brd_color tweet border color(#E6E8E8...) tweet border color post_brd_color="#f0f0f0"
author_text_size tweet author name text size tweet author text size in pixels author_text_size="13"
author_text_color tweet author name color(#3B5998...) tweet author name color author_text_color="#f0f0f0"
post_text_size tweet text size tweet text size post_text_size="12"
post_text_color tweet text color(#333333...) tweet text color post_text_color="#f0f0f0"
date_size Date text size Date text size date_size="11"
date_color Date text color(#777...) Date text color date_color="#f0f0f0"
retweet_fav_size retweet and favorite number size retweet and favorite number size retweet_fav_size="11"
retweet_fav_color retweet and favorite number text color(#777...) retweet and favorite number text color(#777...) retweet_fav_color="#f0f0f0"
text_link_color Link color in tweet text(#3B5998...) All Links' color in tweet text text_link_color="#f0f0f0"
num_slide_items Number of tweets per window in slider Number of tweets per slide window in slide display num_slide_items="3"
slide_auto_scroll Auto scrolling from left to right Auto scrolling from left to right, if set false then there will be not auto sliding slide_auto_scroll="true"
slide_duration Duration of slide transition(in milliseconds Eg. 500, 3000) Duration of slide transition(in milliseconds Eg. 500, 3000) slide_duration="300"
slide_buttons Show prev and next buttons Show prev and next buttons in slide display slide_buttons="#f0f0f0"