Facebook wall feed(joomla) documentation

Attention : Facebook made breaking changes after 1st may,2018 regarding app review. For more details read "getting access token" section.

You can configure the module to set which view it will show(profile/page/group feeds view or comments
or like button or site activity or follow button view).To configure follow these steps -

(i) Open your module from module manager.under 'module settings' tab select the view from radio button list.
(ii) According to your view you have set, configure settings for that view opening respective settings tab(like - if you selected 'comments'
view go to 'Comments view settings' tab to configure).

Read the quick start documentation - here to know details about most important settings.

To run the module you will need profile/page/group id, Access token. You can get these easily as follows -

Getting profile/page/group id

If you selected first view (Wall feeds of page/group/profile) from your module settings then know about how to get facebook profile/page/group
id as follows -

(i) how to get facebook page id

load your page.your page id will be look like this image -

page id image
sometimes your page url may be like that - http://www.facebook.com/pages/pagename/334319236534?sk=wall in this case your page id
will be 334319236534. when you generate page token then you will be needed to enter numeric page id so if your page url look like as - https://www.facebook.com/anypagename then getting the id is little tricky -
to get id load your fb page in a browser, right click on the page and select 'view source' to view your web page source.then find(ctrl+f) for
'page_id' and you will see 'page_id=34343434' somewhere, so your page id is that 34343434. Always verify it's your page by loading page url putting page id in browser as follows - https://www.facebook.com/34343434/.

(ii) how to get facebook group id

load your group.your group page url look like as https://www.facebook.com/groups/343432222/ where 343432222 is the id.
sometimes if your group page url look like as - https://www.facebook.com/groups/joomlanospam then getting the id is little tricky -
to get id load your group page in a browser, right click on the page and select 'view source' to view your page source.then find(ctrl+f) for
'group_id' and you will see 'group_id=34343434' somewhere.that's it your group id is 34343434. Or use this tool to get id. always verify it's your fb group by loading group url putting group id in browser as follows - https://www.facebook.com/34343434/

(iii) how to get profile id

Attention: After facebook's breaking changes things are not working properly so i am trying to find a solution to display profile posts
Displaying profile feed will not be good because of lots of restrictions and privacy, but still you can display lots of public posts and activities.

login to your facebook account, go to profile page your profile id will look like below ( example - mridulcs ) or use this tool to get id. If you created facebook application after 30th April 2014 and using it's token to display feed then you have to get profile id in a diffrent way under your new application, contact for how.

profile id image


Getting Access token

You will need 'Access Token' if you selected feed view.Without access token feed display will not work.follow these steps to generate access token -

Attention : From 1st May, 2018 facebook made breaking changes because of FB cambridge analytica scandal. From now on app created after 1st may, 2018 need to be submitted for review to use specific permissions (Go to "app review" page from your app dashboard for details).

But good news is you can still display your page/group posts by making your app in development mode and generating token by the below steps. You have to be admin of your FB app and page/group. But you will have some request limits. So to overcome all problems you can just submit your app for review.

If your are displaying your own facebook page posts then you need to submit your app for review for manage_pages permission.
If your are displaying your own facebook group posts then you need to submit your app for review for Groups_API feature.

So if you know how to submit app for review then do so else i can help you, it's a very complex and time consuming process. At last step of it, You have to go through business verification or if you do not have business then you need to submit national/passport id for individual verification(it has little limitation). In case of business verification, you will be needed to submit your business info and images of your business documents like business license, Business utility or phone bill, Articles of incorporation document, Business tax file, certificate of formation, etc. You can submit all/some of these document images.

After your app review complete or your app is in development mode then follow these steps to generate token -

( If you display fb page posts then to get token follow step-3 or if you display group posts then follow step-4 or if you display profile posts then follow step-5 )

1. Login your facebook account -

2. Read the "How to create facebook application" section below to know how to create your facebook application and use it's app id and security code to generate access token.

3. If you are trying to display facebook page posts then you will need a page access token if you want to display post comments properly. Now to generate page access token, set "Generate access token" view under "Module view settings" tab in module settings page in admin side of your site. Then load that module view in a fresh page of your frontend site (note: if you have other facebook related module, component, plugin in that page too then disable those extensions else there may be  multiple FB SDK Init scripts and conflicts and you may see errors) & follow these steps - (make sure you load this token generation page as https url which is must for latest FB API changes, if you don't have free/paid https certificates for your site then contact me for the other way)

** before generating page and user token by the following steps some settings should be done as follows -
a) if you are generating token and you don't own the facebook application by which you will generate token then you should be added as a tester role in the application. For this the application owner need to add you as tester role by clicking "Add Testers" in the "roles" section of the application. Easy to do, contact if any problems to do so.
b) if you are generating token and you don't own the facebook page and enter that page id in last steps of page token generation then you will get errors. So to overcome that problem ask the page owner to assign you any role from the "page roles" section of page settings.

Now the page/user token generation steps are -
(i) Enter FB application id and secret key and press submit at first step,
(ii) Then you will be asked to click submit button again in 2nd step,
(iii) Finally in 3rd step you will be asked to enter FB page id in numbers(at this step you can see generated user token in the input box), if you enter page id and click submit then you will see your page access token in response which is shown below as a example.

put this access token code in module's 'Access token' box under wall feed view general settings tab in the module settings page

4. If you are displaying a Facebook group posts then you can either use a application token or page access token or user token. To generate page access token follow steps written in step-3 above. To generate user token follow step-3 above again(you will see user token in final step, FYI user token expires in every 2 months). To generate application token go to this token generation link here( this link is for a wordpress plugin but you can use it to generate app token entering app id and secret key). FYI page and app tokens don't expire.

5. If you are displaying a Facebook profile posts then wait because after facebook's breaking changes things are not working properly so i am trying to find a solution.

How to create facebook application

Because of facebook's occassional layout changing, you may see little mismatch with the following images and steps for creating app and configuring. But you can still understand that easy process. Contact if any problems.
If you have not created facebook apps before or have not registerd as a developer then follow from step-1 below Else if you created apps or registered as developer before then start from step-3 -

step-1: go to this link - https://developers.facebook.com/apps

step-2: click "Register as a Developer"/"Register now" button.A popup will appear as shown below.There check the policy acceptance check box and click continue.
In the next step you will be prompted to verify your account by entering mobile phone number, following image shows that -

enter your mobile number and verify and clicking continue buttons complete rest of the steps by entering compulsory inputs.

step-3: If you completed step-2, you will see a "developer"/"Manage apps" section there at left side in home page of your facebook account.
click developer or Manage apps link or click here https://developers.facebook.com/apps to go to your apps page. there you will be seeing your created apps listed,
click 'Create a new app' button which is located under "Apps" menu item dropdown (Apps->Create a New App), following window will appear -


Enter display name(app name) and category only and leave other fields blank, then click "create app".Next you will be prompted to enter captcha as
security check and if you complete this, your app creation is complete and you will see that application's dashboard page as shown below.
this page also reachable from your account's home page developer/manage apps link or from here https://developers.facebook.com/apps and then by clicking on that app.

Now you have to do the real part.Click "settings" from app's left hand menu to go it's settings page, there in basic settings tab, click
"+ Add Platform" button at bottom and a pop up window comes up where a lot of platforms listed.Click "Website" in that popup then a website section will be added
as shown in the final picture below.After that in that section enter the site url in "Site URL" field from where you will generate access token. In that
case it will be your site url where you will be generating token by setting "Generate access token" view under "Module view settings" tab in module settings page in admin side of your website. Also in latest app you need to enter privacy policy url, enter your site's privacy policy url in privacy policy url box in basic settings of your App. After that click "save changes" at bottom to save changes for your app.


Finally, you need to make your app live so that it is accessible from anywhere to make feed display work unless you intentionally made app in development mode for app review issue.To do that make sure On/Off button is set as ON at top right side(where app status also shown) in your app dashboard.

In the above picture App ID and App Secret codes(click show button to see secret code) you will need to enter in the boxes in access token generation page.

That completes applicaton creation and configuring.

Errors Details -

i) If you get zip file related error (like zip is invalid...) while extracting the extension zip file to access the main installation zip inside then install winrar
zip program available for free here http://www.win-rar.com/download.html & afterwards extract the extension zip with winrar.

ii) if you ever get access token related errors then generate access token by setting "Generate access token" view under "Module view settings" tab in module settings page in admin side of your website.
Access token will expire if you change something in your account setting(ex: password).so you will need to generate token again.

iii) if you get Unsupported get request errors, then make sure the facebook id you entered is right

iv) like box is not appearing in my Group Wall Feeds - like box is only for facebook business pages only not for groups

v) only last two comments appear per post & "view all comments" buton not showing - That's because facebook deprecated some fields,
nothing to do,need to code to match new changes from facebook

vi) If you get errors related application like "Error validating application. Application has been deleted" - That's because the facebook,
application by which you generated access token is deleted.Try to generate token by using your application, view How to create facebook application
section above.There are many reasons why app deleted like
1. facebook bugs
2. using the app to do facebook development not following policy - https://developers.facebook.com/policy/ properly like if you post or
comment by same text( like "test comment") to a facebook page by graph api again and again in a short time, then it look like spammy to facebook,
these kind of violations written indirectly in policy.

to be sure facebook application will not be deleted, don't use ur application by which you generated token for other developments improperly.

vii) If your page/group profile picture not appears or a question sign comes up when displaying feed, it may be because of some restrictions you set in
page/group/profile settings.For instance, in a page settings if "Age restrictions" setting is set to "Alcohol-Realted" then a question mark will
appear instead profile picture.Likewise find out other restrictions you set for which this kind of problems appearing until it's solved.

viii) How you get post id to filter posts by post id? click the date on any post in facebook then it will be loaded as a single post in FB, there look for the post id in the url in numbers. In case of page post sometimes thare are multiple ids in the url, look for ""story_fbid" value. FB may change things in future, use google to get post id.

for more help email at - mridulcs2012@gmail.com, mridulcs@yahoo.com or use contact page of extension website

for chat skype/yahoo messanger id - mridulcs

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